What is your favorite David Bowie song?

Starman is a great song! It's great that you got to see his performance back in 1972. Were you already a fan or was that your introduction to Bowie?
I was only six, but my uncle, who was ten years older than me, used to play me his records. Not just Bowie, but T. Rex and all that glam stuff of the day. My generation got into music early. But that was the first time I was aware of him. The show was called Lift-Off With Ayshea, which was a pop show for children, screened at teatime. It might even be on YouTube somewhere; I'll have to look, but I saw it on a black-and-white TV set, so the red hair effect was kind of lost. We got a colour set later in 1972, the first in our street. Makes me feel pretty old on reflection. Retrospectively, I do feel privileged to have to seen it in real time. And not too many did, because it was a kids' show. We had a lot of those teatime pop shows in the 70s.