Transformational moments in Blue Moon staffing history

Ryan K. Michaels

Staff member
I have re-sorted and even color-coded (!) the Wobblypedia's "Blue Moon Employees & Contractors" page to make more visually apparent such the evolution of the company's staffing. It seems to have experienced three transformational moments before and during the Original Series:
  1. The City of Angels "Cuckoo's Nest" assembly by David Addison in 1982
  2. The "Blue Moon Turnover" of 1985
  3. The Post-STG and Camille "Boomin' Moon" of 1986
I expect to make more additions and/or adjustments to this page as I dig deeper into Wobbly history (a topic of boundless wonder and possibilities, to be sure), but I like the picture it's painting for the EU already.
My current Wobbly obsession has driven me to begin creating compilation videos of all Wobbly scenes for closer analysis. I will be pulling images from these videos as I continue to adjust the "Blue Moon Employees & Contractors" page. Here is what limited screen time season 1 had to offer:

Didn't the chap second on the right actually have a line or two of dialogue? So he might have been an actual actor, because I don't remember seeing him again.