The most consistent Wobbly seating arrangement

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Just thought I'd share another bit of research I've turned up in response to another conversation with Marlena, for anyone else who may be as 'essed with such matters as we are:

The most consistent, permanent Wobbly seating arrangement throughout Moonlighting's overall run is as follows (with each Wobbly name... yes... color-coded by how many times he or she actually relocated, from 0-2):
  • Non-window desk (behind Agnes, to the left of Maddie's office doors) - Jamie (s3-5), shares with Inez (s4-5)
  • Window desk #1 (to the right of Maddie's office doors) - Kris (s2-5), shares with O'Neill (s3-CBLS), then shares with MacGilicuddy (TALATA-s5)
  • Window desk #2 - O'Neill (s2), then MacGilicuddy (s3-CBLS), whose time here is eventually shared with and then surrendered to Bert (YVD-s5)
  • Window desk #3 - Jergenson (s2-5), shares with O'Neill (TALATA-s5)
  • Window desk #4 - (closest to David's office) - Simmons 2 (s2-5)

Please see below for screenshots.

Season 2
Although the permanent Wobbly line-up is only halfway-established at this point, the window-desk order from Maddie's office to David's office of Kris (first from left), O'Neill and Jergenson (seated males), and Simmons 2 (first from right) remains essentially unchanged through the rest of the series.

Season 3
Jamie (first from right) arrives and takes the non-window desk behind Agnes. Inez will join her in season 4.

With the arrival of MacGilicuddy (first seated from left), O'Neill (center background, just left of the plant) relocates to share Kris' desk with her.

A little over one "Lost Year" later, new temp Bert (sprawled out beneath Agnes) is made to feel at right home at MacGilicuddy's desk, initiating a bitter turf war between the two men.

Season 4
New employee Inez (first from left) briefly visits with O'Neill (second from left) during his final episode sharing the desk with Kris (here standing in front of their desk). At this point, the Wobblies suspect that MacGilicuddy's conflict with Bert may be taking a toll on the former's personal life. They plea with Bert to surrender his "territory" of the "war zone" desk, and when he predictably refuses, O'Neill instead moves to join Jergenson, allowing MacGilicuddy to share with Kris.

While Jamie (female in yellow) and Inez (female in beige) are seen here momentarily away from their shared non-window desk, all of the window-desk Wobblies are now in their proper seasons 4-5 seats. From left to right, Kris (female in lavender) and MacGilicuddy (first male from left) share the desk closest to Maddie's office, followed by Bert, then O'Neill (seated alongside Jergenson's desk) and Jergenson, and finally Simmons 2 (closest to David's office).

Season 5
Jamie and Inez (seated, L-R) share the desk behind Agnes' desk...

...and all of the window-desk Wobblies are also in their proper seats. NOTE: Jergenson (second from right) and Simmons 2 (first from right) are here momentarily turned towards the desks behind them.

That this seating arrangement is firmly established is confirmed when, on Maddie's orders, everyone rushes directly to their desks to sit with heads down, with Jamie and Inez (seated, L-R) behind Agnes' desk…

...and the rest at their seats along the windows.

Thank you for caring enough to read this! 🙂
Just a little background on Ryan's post above. Here's the thing: I was working on a fanfic at 2am when I sent Ryan a question asking if he knew whose desk Maddie and David were kissing on in "It's A Wonderful Job". You know, this was just me doing my usual research for a story I'm writing. I thought maybe he'd know, and I'd hear from him in a day or so.

Let me tell you, this guy works fast. He sent me a message a little after 8am to tell me he was about to post a thread about the Wobbly seating arrangement. I was blown away when I actually saw the post, with all the detailed desk assignments, throughout all 5 seasons, I might add... AND the photos.


But please tell me you at least got some sleep last night!!

From one 'essed fan to another, thank you.
Thanks to all for putting such a positive spin on my admittedly over-the-top analysis here. To remind anyone who may be wondering, the reason behind it all is to give current and future Moonlighting fanfiction writers a clearly mapped out foundation on which to build regarding who was where and when.

At the very least, it keeps me off the streets. 🙂
It's funny how simply charting the territory can cause some stories to start writing themselves. I've inserted a bit of creativity into my first post above to explain the movements of O'Neill and MacGilicuddy. "Available Concepts" are no doubt soon to follow...
It's funny how simply charting the territory can cause some stories to start writing themselves. I've inserted a bit of creativity into my first post above to explain the movements of O'Neill and MacGilicuddy. "Available Concepts" are no doubt soon to follow...
When it comes to Moonlighting and fanfic, one story just leads into another... and another... and another. At least, that's how it works for me. It almost always happens that when I am nearly done with one story, I've already got the first few paragraphs written on the next one.

Looking forward to seeing those "Available Concepts"...