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Happy Thanksgiving! Grateful for my fellow Moonlighting fans, especially Boink for putting this fantastic site together and improving upon it all the time.
Thank you so much, Quest. I really appreciate that. And I am grateful beyond words for all of you regular contributors and visitors to this website who make my time spent on it worthwhile. I hope all of you and your loved ones have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving and holiday season ahead!


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Hi Judy, I love how in this picture both David and Mr. Hayes opt to go straight to the dessert first. So typical of David, right?
I had trouble putting food on Maddie and her mom's plates because of where they are positioned, so I left them empty. My daughter said it looks like David and the dad are hogging all of the food. They ate their turkey and are on dessert while the women haven't gotten anything yet. That's why Maddie looks a little bit annoyed. 😂


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I am also thankful for this great Moonlighting community and Boink for putting together this website. I love how I rediscovered this show only this year and all of these exciting things have been popping up: like the new book, the podcasts and this site!