Selma Goldstein biography

Selma Goldstein was hired by Maddie Hayes in January of 1981. She was hired by the hugely successful fashion model to be her personal assistant. Her job duties varied from day to day, but included everything from cleaning the house to setting up appointments to writing out personal checks.

Prior to working for Maddie Hayes, Selma worked as a personal shopper for a little over ten years at the Bloomingdale's department store at the Beverly Shopping Center in Los Angeles. In her position there, she gained experience working with affluent clients, many of whom were very famous celebrities. A couple of her favorite clients included actress Shelley Long, who needed her help in finding the perfect dress to wear to a friend's wedding, and actor David Hasselhoff, who was redecorating his home office and needed her help in the furniture department.

A good, close friend of Selma's was the wife of a fashion photographer who did some work for Glamour Magazine. It was that friend's husband who told her that he'd overheard Maddie Hayes talk about needing to hire a new personal assistant.

Selma thought that sounded like an interesting job opportunity, and so she reached out to Ms. Hayes' agent to find out if she could meet with the model. An appointment time was set up for the very next morning at Ms. Hayes' gorgeous home in Beverly Hills. The meeting very quickly shifted from "job interview" to "first day on the job". After the initial niceties, Ms. Hayes basically put Selma to work, giving her a laundry list of things to get done around the house. She then grabbed her suitcase and was off to New York City for a photo shoot.

Two years later, Selma's husband, whom she had been married to since she was eighteen years of age, passed away suddenly. Concerned about how she would manage to pay the rent and make ends meet, she went to Ms. Hayes and asked for a raise, fully expecting her to say no. But in a moment of true compassion, the normally self-absorbed Ms. Hayes not only increased her pay, but told her she could stay in the bedroom on the first floor rent free, if it would help her out. 'And you don't have to call me Ms. Hayes,' she'd said with a warm smile and a hug. 'You can call me, Maddie.' Selma was touched and took her up on her offer.

In February of 1985, right after Maddie left for a month-long European cruise, almost all of the checks Selma wrote bounced. That included the checks to pay the house staff. Maddie's personal chef was angry, her driver was holding her car hostage, and her pool guy refused to take the dead squirrel out of the drain. Selma did her best to hold everything together while she waited for Maddie to get home.

When Selma found out that all of Maddie's money had been stolen by her accountant, she had to make the sad, but necessary, decision to go and look for work elsewhere.

On the day she was leaving Maddie's house, Selma took one last walk around and thought about how much she was going to miss the place. She stopped to admire a photo of the beautiful young model that hung on the wall. She thought about Maddie... the lady sure was high maintenance. She even had the fleeting thought that what Maddie really needed was a man in the house who loved her, not a staff who would bend over backwards for her. She hoped she would be okay.

Selma left that day to go find a new life for herself.