Roberta Washington biography

Roberta Washington grew up in Los Angeles, California and was married at the age of 20. She and her husband, Frank, had 4 children. She spent 30 years raising her family and taking care of her house while her husband worked. When she was 50, her kids were all grown up and on their own, so she decided she needed something to do. She didn’t have much work experience, but she knew how to keep a house clean. She applied for a job at the Neat & Tidy Cleaning Company and was immediately hired. She worked for that company for years, doing whatever cleaning jobs she was given. After a while, she was put on the crew to go to one of the fancy office towers in Century City. Three times a week, every week, she and the rest of the cleaning crew went to that building and cleaned all of the offices. They usually arrived around 9pm and stayed until they were done, which could be as late as 2am. There were many offices to clean in that building, so it took all night. It was hard work, but it paid well, and she was free during the day to still visit with her children if she wanted.

One of the offices stood out in Roberta’s mind. It was the office of Blue Moon Investigations. The two detectives, David Addison and Maddie Hayes, were frequently still at the office late at night. Roberta suspected that there was more to their relationship than just business partners. She wasn’t sure exactly what was going on between them, but sometimes she would try to enter the office to clean, and she would hear their voices inside. Occasionally, they were loudly yelling at each other, but other times they were talking quietly. One time, she heard other kinds of noises that she recognized as the type of noises that should definitely not be intruded upon. Whenever she knew they were there, she would leave to clean another office and come back to that one later on. One night, she went in thinking no one was there and instead found a passed out and drunk David Addison hanging on the back of the office door. She tried to wake him up, but to no avail. She even tried to lift him, but he was too heavy for her. Eventually, he mumbled something about leaving him alone, so she did. Another night, a few years later, she found the same man in a strange position, crouched on his desk. He seemed very distracted and kind of sad, but mostly embarrassed. She never did find out what he was doing. And she wasn’t about to ask him, either.

Suddenly, after cleaning that office for a little over 4 years, she showed up at the high rise building one night, and Blue Moon Investigations was gone. She was told it just closed its doors one day out of the blue, and that was the end of it. She never did run into such an unusual couple during the rest of her cleaning days.