Rick Reynolds biography

Rick Reynolds was working at his older brother's mechanic shop in Brooklyn when he first met David Addison.

It was a hot summer day in 1976 when Rick was lying flat on his back under a Chevy Impala, changing out an old, damaged muffler for a brand new one. He had just smashed his finger with a hammer and was hurling expletives when he saw two sets of feet by the side of the car. He rolled out on his creeper, and looked up to see his good buddy, Jimmy Miller, and another man he did not know. That man was named David Addison, and he was married to Jimmy's younger sister, Tess.

David was thinking of purchasing a motorcycle from a used car dealership, but he wanted to have a trusted mechanic look it over before he shelled out the cash. Jimmy suggested David ask his friend, Rick. After inspecting the bike, Rick ended up advising David not to buy it. He told him he thought the price the dealership was asking was way too high considering all the repairs the motorcycle required.

To thank Rick for his advice, David offered to treat both Rick and Jimmy to beer and chicken wings at the Old Town Pub later that night. Rick had a great time, and going forward, he often met up with Jimmy and David for beers after work. Eventually, Rick became friends with Michael and Bill, as well.

Rick was a tall, heavy-set guy who always lived in the shadow of his smarter older brother, Tim. Technically, the mechanic shop was owned by both brothers equally, but it was Tim who worked in the office and made all the business decisions. Rick was the one who got tired and dirty repairing cars all day long.

Rick never had much luck with women. He probably never thought he was good enough. Every once in a while, he would meet a woman at a bar who would go back to his apartment with him, but then she'd leave in the morning and he'd never see her again. He never had any children, at least none that he knew about, anyway. He was a nice guy who just didn't see what he had to offer, so he lived a lonely life. But he did enjoy spending time with his friends.

When Michael called to tell Rick about Jimmy's death, Rick slammed the phone down. He was so upset that he couldn't bring himself to call Michael back until the next morning.

Rick could never forgive himself for hanging the phone up on Jimmy whenever he would call him in the middle of the night. Sadly, Rick had a hard time seeing past his own problems, and so he was really useless when it came to helping a sad and depressed friend.

Rick enjoyed getting together with his old buddies at the Old Town Pub on the night before Jimmy's funeral. Despite the sad occasion, the night was fun for him as it brought back a lot of good memories.

The next day, Rick had to skip out on the funeral services early. He had to be at work by noon. He told everybody his older brother was being a jerk and wouldn't give him the entire day off. The truth was, he just couldn't bear to see Jimmy's coffin lowered into the ground.
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