Real-world inspiration for "City of Snow Angels"

Ryan K. Michaels

Staff member
As I work through sorting every Moonlighting EU story into one of three categories...
  1. Primary Timeline Reality - Original Series reality-compliant
  2. Primary Timeline Dream Sequence - confined to a specific dreamer's knowledge and a fairly limited timeframe
  3. Albert's Alternate Timelines - stories that conflict with the events of the Original Series and exceed the limits of any one person's dream
...I have determined that both "Storms and Second Chances" and "Stuck with You" qualify as Primary Timeline Dream Sequences. Along with that, their common season 5 timeframe and theme of David and Maddie being snowed in together make for a natural pairing (one dream each for David and Maddie) to take place on February 8, 1989, when a rare, real-world snow storm hit southern California.

"City of Snow Angels" is based on that snow storm and is intended to create the framework for those two stories/Dream Sequences in much the same way that the Flamingo Cove murder inspired David and Maddie to have similar, simultaneous dreams in "The Dream Sequence Always Rings Twice."