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I am generally not a fan of universe-shrinking stories, but I suppose the repercussions of a childhood chance encounter between David and Maddie are not nearly as profound as Darth Vader's paternity claim in ESB. I don't recall any mention during Annie's Moonlighting season 5 visit that she had ever lived in Philadelphia, and I look forward to reading Virtual Moonlighting to see if any such reference exists there, but no matter either way. Unspoken truths exist, and this could very well be one of them. I actually like the more innocent, non-disruptive inclusion of Annie in this story, and that it actually serves a purpose is nice.

Even moreso, I love the provided details of David's childhood homelife, his parents (That we actually get to meet Irma is reason enough alone to earn this story "It's a Wonderful Episode" status, in my book!), his dog, and his relationship with Richie. David the dreamer wandering through the night is wonderfully true to his character (I would eagerly welcome more tales of his thoughts and encounters on such travels into his teen years), and for him to see Maddie on an unreachable balcony is perhaps even more poetic than it is unlikely. It all makes for a sweet enough story that seems to believe in destiny, so I'll give it the benefit of the doubt. Plus, it was fun finding pictures of a young Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd to line up on the page beneath the text.

Minor quibble: Why does Annie not have to go school the morning after David and Maddie's encounter, when David and Richie do?
The whole idea of having Maddie and David encounter each other as a teen and "tween" is actually quite original. Barely any author has ever done such a thing when it comes to Moonlighting. It does worry me a bit that it might alter David and Maddie's story; some wonderful moments which happened on screen might never happen in this universe. Then again, it doesn't say that anywhere. Maybe it is merely a chance encounter, which could easily have occurred in OSR without messing with the grand scheme of things ;) And yes, it is nice to get inside young David's head.
I think that any "real" encounter between David and Maddie (or even David and Annie, since "Young 'Uns" places her family in Philadelphia) prior to March 3, 1985 should begin and end with this story's balcony from afar. Anything more would almost certainly challenge OSR or simply be too unbelievable, and therfore have to be regarded by the EU as a DS. On that note, I'll be reading "Endeavor: Lesson" sometime in the not-too-distant future.
This was a cute story. I like seeing David and Richie interact as kids. I bet they were just like this as boys. I like the idea of Maddie and David seeing each other at such a young age and never realising it. Kind of like fate always wanted their paths to cross.

Nice smooth writing, thanks for sharing! <3