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Blew me away. That kiss in garage was a game changer.

Fantastic performances.


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Following on from 'Every Daughter's Father...' and Moonlighting is getting serious. Both these episodes were held over in the UK and shoved incongruously into the early running order of S3 here in February 1987, which was confusing at the time. We welcome them back with 'The Son Also Rises', David sporting a brutal crop and Maddie with a new hairdo too, and suddenly, they look like they did in S2, but there was no explanation. Anyway, seeing David in tears was quite a shock to me at the time. I feel I should give it a 5, but I'll be rather mean and give it a 4. Very good episode.


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Loved this episode. I loved how she pined for him. I also liked that she never said "I told you so!". His boxers were adorable too...and of course their first real kiss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the 'you smell awful' lol


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I just rewatched this yesterday, what a great episode!
Was there any other show on TV, where the star is credibly accused of murder? We definitely believed that yes, David had really killed him. We had never seen him so emotional before. I don't remember any other show where anything like this happens.
Bruce's acting in this episode was incredible. To watch him get emotional like that just breaks my heart every time I watch it. I don't know how Maddie could stand there and not want to throw her arms around him... well, maybe she did want to...