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"Tupperman's Truth" is another of GentleReader's epilogues, added scenes, etc. whose perfection actually elevates the episode upon which it is based. As Sandra mentioned, the dialogue is spot-on, and the overall effect is to provide a more satisfying conclusion to David and Maddie's "looks and legs" vs. "brains and personality" debate. David's comment about "holdin' out for the whole package" is fitting in more ways than one, since all future viewings of "The Bride of Tupperman" will, for me, require a subsequent reading of "Tupperman's Truth" to properly wrap it up as "the whole package."*

*This is in no way intended to sell short the wonderful "One Night in Connecticut", whose more substantial content I believe gives it the OSR edge over the conflicting "Tupperman's Truth" in the EU, despite my rating ONIC slightly lower. But that's a "whole" other story...


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Loved it. How I wish this was included in the episode.

This short but meaningful conversation would have made the world of difference.