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This one has never done anything for me. The whole thing smacks of filler, a time-making episode. It probably was - they practically admit to it in the episode. I hate to give a 2, but a 2 it is.


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It's sort of an 'in-between' episode, since...let's be fair... the writer's hadn't come up with any new material yet. However, I thought this was a rather brilliant solution. Like Marlena says; the kiss was hot and the Wobblies looking on during their moment of tenderness is the cherry on top :) Plus, it pokes fun at all the press surrounding Cybill and Bruce. They're not afraid to undulge in a little self-mockery.


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I know some people don't care for this episode, but I've always loved it. And that kiss at the end... so hot! I think it's funny how Agnes and the Wobblies smile and watch them kiss. It's like everything is right in their world as long as M & D are back together. And it was so respectful of David to tuck his shirt in for their special moment.
me too