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Staff member
I always appreciate a story that explores the lesser known realms of the Moonlighting universe, and this one does a nice job taking us into the world of David's childhood. It is a simple tale of simple events in a day in the life of an 11-year-old boy, and it includes a lot of names and details that might be prime candidates for further expansion. In particular, it would be nice to know more about Emily Summers, a very likeable character who was just perfect as David's best friend. The last line ("End of part one") caught me off-guard, surprising me and leaving me wanting more. Will it happen? We shall see...


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This is a very sweet little story. David as a young boy is definately an interesting concept. The character writing was on point. And I liked that the dog was called Lucy as thats my name.

Thank you to the writer for the hard work and for posting this story. <3