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I was blown away by the emotions that coursed through me after reading this... (shh, don't tell anyone that I had misty eyes ;))
This was wonderful!


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Not only was Marlena’s “Reacquainted” the first new Moonlighting story written after the creation of this website and its idea of a Moonlighting EU, but it was also the first ML story Marlena ever wrote. I thoroughly enjoyed it as a Dream Sequence/Alternate Timeline spun off after “Father Knows Last” to give David and Maddie a well-earned happy ending, but I have to admit that my personal preference always leans toward stories that adhere to the Primary Timeline and serve to both elevate and deepen the Original Series. Happily, Marlena’s second contribution to the Moonlighting EU does just that.

“Since I Lost My Maddie” is a multi-chapter story that explores an area often pondered but, until now, rarely touched upon by ML fanfiction writers… the time period following the loss of Baby Hayes, as told from David’s perspective. As we all know, the Original Series simply jumped from his telling Maddie, “I’m gonna be right there with you” at the end of AWWAV to “I’m still around, you know… I’ve been trying to track down this Anselmo guy” some weeks later in BAYAAHP. It then bounced ahead again from the most poignant yet hopeful moment in season 5 – the elevator scene – to TCOM’s “pals” lead balloon and the emotionally vapid remaining episodes.

These were disappointing gaps just begging to be filled… opportunities for real depth that the Original Series ignored but of which “Since I Lost My Maddie” takes full advantage. Marlena beautifully includes passages of original dialogue from AWWAV and BAYAAHP and builds a backstory around them that will leave readers unable to ever view those scenes the same way again. The David Addison and Maddie Hayes of earlier seasons, as barely hinted at by these season 5 episodes, are back once again in full, delicately presented force in “Since I Lost My Maddie”, even as they have both been understandably changed forever by the tragedy of the baby’s death.

David treads cautiously around Maddie’s long-established and still frustrating - but now suddenly explainable - walls, while at the same time trying to be there for her and cope with his own inner feelings of grief and torment. Marlena introduces a wonderful character for David to connect with along the way who touches upon his views on God in a moment that was actually more moving for me personally than anything else Moonlighting-related that I’ve ever seen or read.

Writers here have occasionally credited a song for inspiring a particular story. Although “Since I Lost My Maddie” makes no such claim and seemingly draws its inspiration entirely from the Original Series, it nevertheless brought to mind for me the Byrds’ 1965 classic, “Turn! Turn! Turn!"

Above all others, THIS is the purpose of MoonlightingStrangers.com. It is the reason I have worked so hard to create a space and timeline that hopefully make it easier for writers – the lifeblood of David and Maddie - to set their Original Series-based stories and explore ALL of its moments - those of absolute joy and/or devastating sadness - to the depths that we fans will never stop clamoring for, even after all these years.

Long story short... I love “Since I Lost My Maddie.” I can't wait to see what Marlena comes up with next, and I look forward to whatever it may inspire from all of our wonderful writers.