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Trust me it needs it. I’m sure it’s a mess and I didn’t have time! Thank you Boink for doing so!
Don't let Dana's modestly fool you. I challenge anyone to read "Signs of Life" and not envision BW and CS both delivering Emmy-worthy performances.

I'm just kicking around the occasional comma and trying to recreate the Tuesday night magic of yesteryear ("shooting for the moon," most would rightly say).


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Dana, this story is fantastic. You are too modest.

Cannot wait for more.

You are a gifted writer.



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I am so happy that the gaps in Virtual Moonlighting are being filled. I so wish "Signs of Life" had been there when I first read the series, just so I could have experienced the story within the proper timeframe.

This is a beautifully written story that takes place about a year after what would have been Maddie's baby's due date. It is emotional and very touching. And, it shows that both Maddie and David had a real tender spot for kids, something we didn't get to see too much of on the show.

If you haven't read Virtual Moonlighting yet, you should definitely check it out. "Signs of Life" is one of many great stories in that series.


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Dana, I'm so glad that Boink managed to get a hold of you. From one writer to another, I think you're amazing in what you did to keep these characters alive for us. Thank you.


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I finally had time to read this and I love it! It was so interesting how they figured out who the baby's father was. And i love that they are finally really coming to terms with the death of the baby. I will be reading part 2 very soon!


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Oh Dana, what a wonderful and moving story. I truly have tears in my eyes reading this. David and Maddie are so real. Thank you for writing this so we can all read it.