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I just watched this episode tonight because, well, I'm doing research for an upcoming fanfic story that I'm about to write. But two things I noticed....

1) I love the part when the old man, Duncan Kennedy, is sitting on the couch talking to Maddie, and he looks up at David, who is just standing there, and Duncan says, "Sit down, damn it!" - I don't know... just makes me giggle... the way he says it, and then David's expression.

2) We sure get to see Maddie in sneakers a lot during the chase scene. I don't know if that was intentional or if Cybill was just not wanting to wear her pumps that day, and they just gave in. I don't know... I guess production standards were sliding without Glenn around during Season 5. I'm pretty sure we also see Maddie in sneakers in BAYAAHP and in TCOM.