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Oh I loved and hated it! Loved how you gave us a different perspective on David and his feelings and why he may have turned to Annie - but hated that poor Toby was murdered. Great job. Hope you continue this story!
I really enjoyed "Party's Over". It made me remember Toby from one of my favorite, but lesser talked about episodes, "Sleep Talkin' Guy". Aside from dealing with being pushed away by Maddie, David has other things going on in his life that are making life in general difficult for him. His bitterness at the end of Season 5 is much more understandable once you've read OS-compliant fan fiction like this one.

Great writing on this one, Ryan! I'm always looking forward to more stories from you!
Thank you, Quest and Marlena!

Marlena, I always look forward to reading your stories, too, and your use of the term "OS-compliant" (fitting in with Original Series continuity, for anyone wondering) in your comment above made my day! :)
Wow Ryan this is really good! I loved how you called back that old case with Toby. They really should’ve done more of that and I guess they could’ve if the series had gone on.

I love what you did with a sorta character sketch of David. You’re really good with getting into the deep point of view. It’s really hard to write an interesting and captivating story with very little dialogue, and you are so good at that.

I love how David is bitter but because he’s really wounded. Like just one thing after another has destroyed him and really the only thing that can “save” him is Maddie. Please keep going!!! It’s awesome!