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This appropriately titled story provides a comfortably paced evening with David and Maddie away from Blue Moon, casework, and other distractions from their simply being themselves. That it allows time for David to raid Maddie's mini-fridge and crash for a bit in her hotel room before their "proper" night out feels like an authentic out-of-town experience, and to have David be the one to put the brakes on the sudden, alcohol-driven acceleration of their relationship is brilliant in its irony. Maddie's reaction to this is refreshingly believable and even wonderful in its departure from what the Original Series alone might lead us to expect.

The only element of "One Night in Connecticut" that kept me from rating it "Perfetc" is the hospital visit required by both David's off-putting arm injury and the unlikely request by authorities that he and Maddie escort Molly back to L.A. Overlooking this relatively minor concern, I will revisit ONIC often, allowing myself to pause occasionally as I read it and be lost in the sort of moments it provides with these characters of which there can never be enough. Well done!