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Wow, nobody here yet?! I think it's a great episode, and one that pushed things along a little in terms of character development and in the then still very embryonic relationship between Maddie and David. Added to all the usual ML trademarks, like music, atmosphere, humour, depth... What's not to like? I give it a 5, but then there are few from seasons 1-3 that I would give less than a five.


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Sorry, I like it but can't give it a 5. I don't like seeing David with another woman. I know it was supposed to show Maddie's jealousy and maybe move their relationship along a little. But David seemed way to eager to be with Jillian, he was even going to go away with her. Was he going to come back if she didn't want to come back? If she hadn't murdered her husband, or no one ever found out, was he planning to stay with Jillian long term? The scene between him and Jillian at the park was almost more passion and romance than we got with David and Maddie which was disappointing for me. And I liked that he thought about giving Maddie a flower and note at the end, but then didn't do it. :( I'd probably only give it a 3.