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I enjoyed this story. The only thing I will say is that in both the original series, and in this story, I always found Annie's concern for Maddie's feelings (regarding Annie's affair with David) to come across as fake.
Sorry but hate that Maddie says she is ok with their 'affair'.
I always hated that, too, but it was EKNM that set that stage. I think Pam5 handled it in the best possible OS-compliant way with "I Need to Tell You", which I read as Maddie's attempt to give Annie the strongest possible clue (without actually saying it) that her affair with David is NOT okay.

Of course, Annie remains clueless... or unscrupulous... or both, even as Pam5 goes on to give her a moment of presumably faked humanity in the also-excellent "It's Not Over 'Til... It's Over."