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I always believed that David should have gone to Chicago, and here in this story, he does. The dialogue is in character and spot on. It is a heartwrenching story, but also leaves you with a sense that Maddie and David are meant to be together and will work things out.


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This was fantastic. I just wish there was more.

Yes, David should have gone to Chicago and Maddie should have at least admitted the baby was likely his.


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This was actually the very first Moonlighting fanfic that I ever read. I came across it years ago and fell in love with it. It actually inspired me to write my own. The angst and longing is just perfect.
There's only one minor detail in it that makes me frown a bit, though: Maddie in jeans.... yeah, no. I can't picture it ;)


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I never get tired of reading the ending of this story. I always imagine Maddie walks away, sits in her car, and says to herself, 'What are you doing? That man flew all the way out here to see you because he wants to take responsibility for the baby. He loves you, and fight it all you want, but you love him, too.' She then gets out of her car, and without any hesitation, walks straight back to David's room.

I'll stop now because it's not my story, but you know where it goes from there.