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I love this, Ryan! You are so creative! And I like how you think! I was watching this episode recently, and that same thought crossed my mind. Why, of course... he was dreaming about Maddie!
I wouldn't recommend watching the scene again. Just stick with "Dream Lover" and know in your heart that David could never have meant anything else.
That's a better idea! I honestly don't even know which episode it is in. Is it Lunar Eclipse or Eine Kleine?
I think I pushed this Annie bed scene out of my head! What episode is this horror scene from again??
Sadly, this scene is from the very last episode, LE. I remember being so excited for that episode to air... thinking they were finally going to fix the enormous mess they'd made, and get down to the business of getting Maddie and David back together. And this is the scene the show opens with. It was such a slap in the face!!!
I have watched LE once in my whole life. I hate it. Thank you for this, Ryan. It makes it a little palatable.

But on a lighter note, this is such a cool creation!!!!! Wow! I love it!!