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You are very welcome, Sandra, and thank you for all of your wonderful contributions!


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Wonderful! I love how you were able to find enough scenes (like them dressed for a wedding, David putting a ring on Maddie's finger and David holding a baby) to make a happy ending for David and Maddie. 😊


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I somehow missed commenting on it. Probably because I think I watched it a long time ago when we were all still on the other site.
This was so creative, Boink. It was a wonderful way to make things better for Maddie and David in the end.


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What a great video, Boink! It's actually my first time to watch it. I love how you made it a silent movie so that we can make up our own dialogue.
In the season 5 clips I still see lots of chemistry between Bruce and Cybill. These were two people who knew each other very well and who were very comfortable with each other, plus they still had that spark.