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"A Quick Trip" is actually two stories in one. It begins by spelling out in "mature audiences only" detail what might have transpired if Maddie hadn't rebuffed David's attempt to kiss her as they celebrated their casino winnings in MTMW. Shifting gears upon Maddie's return to L.A., it then moves on to describe how everyone responds to her having left David in Buenos Aires to find his own way back. Each element is entertaining in its own way, but as someone who generally favors OS-compliant stories over Dream Sequence/Alternate Timeline scenarios, I personally enjoyed the second half more. The author did a nice job exploring both David and Maddie's consideration of his card game "hand folding" intentions, and I can't help but wonder what a story built entirely around that single moment, within OS bounds, might be like. All in all, I found "A Quick Trip" to be quite enjoyable, with its OS elements serving as a worthwhile "sequel" to MTMW.
I like the added pictures here, Boink. They show exactly how the story played out. As for my take on it: I think in this situation, I would have slightly preferred it if our two leads had waited with the whole "mature audiences only" until maybe the end of the story. I wanted to get inside their heads a bit more before that happened. That being said, it was an enjoyable read for sure. Well done!