Proof that HLWYK belongs during FA / before TOMT

Ryan K. Michaels

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Even though it is chronologically impossible for the roughly-three-weeks timeline of HLWYK to have taken place between MHGM (which ends late the Saturday night of Maddie's "wedding") and ATFWMW (which opens on the following Monday morning), I still feel compelled to share even more incontrovertible evidence supporting its placement in the EU timeline (during the broader, four-weeks span of FA).

Proof that HLWYK belongs before TOMT:

  • Note the plurality in Agnes' TOMT statement that she and Bert did "episodes" of their own. LDD and HLWYK are the only two season 4 Bert & Agnes episodes.
  • Though script # order is not always chronologically sound, it is spot on that HLWYK is script #87009.

Proof that HLWYK belongs during FA:
  • The first "Blue Moon Investigations" window sign font is still seen in FA, which begins prior to the second font's appearance in HLWYK (see here for more info).
  • Since FA ends with Maddie preparing to return to L.A., which leads directly into TOMT, the roughly-three-weeks timeline of HLWYK cannot have taken place between those two episodes, but only during FA's broader four-weeks span.

Final Thoughts:
  • HLWYK is a fitting follow-up to LDD and should be viewed prior to FA, which ends after HLWYK and leads directly into TOMT.
  • Now we fanfiction writers just need to get busy chronicling the five killed for insurance money and the eight love triangles gone wrong. :)
Same with their Season 5 episode, which seemed incongruously shoehorned into the ghastly Charnock Woman arc and spoiled the continuity of even that lamentable run.
As usual, northernlight, your comment is beautifully worded and spot on.

I figure HLWYK was delayed because the producers wanted to space out the B&A episodes for an audience already dealing with Maddie's greatly reduced presence in most of season 4.

Regarding INO, I have posted my THEORY about what happened with the second half of season 5 here.
Mainly that HLWYK's #9 placement in script order is much earlier than its #13 placement in original broadcast order. It took place during Maddie's 4.5 months in Chicago but ended up getting kicked down the road in season 4 just like I am certain INO was in season 5.

It is also interesting to me (and probably nobody else) that the two season 4 episodes I have listed in the timeline as taking place simultaneously (FA and HLWYK) are both #9 in one order or the other.
It's too bad we don't have the scripts for the other episodes that season to see what their numbers are.