Original Series Reality (OSR) or a Dream Sequence (DS)?

Is "Happy New Year, Maddie" OSR or a DS?

  • Original Series Reality

    Votes: 3 100.0%
  • Dream Sequence

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Do you feel that "Happy New Year, Maddie" sufficiently complies with Original Series Reality (OSR), or should it be considered a Dream Sequence (DS)? Any explanation of your choice is always appreciated.


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In my opinion, something like this could have easily happened without complicating things between David and Maddie this early down the road. I mean, hey...it's New Year's Eve...a kiss is required ;)


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To me, this one is OSR. Like Sandra said, a kiss is required on New Year's Eve, and like Maddie said, this one "never happened." So, what the heck, why not go ahead and make it two kisses!