Martin Hennessey biography

Martin Hennessey was born in California on August 17, 1943. As a kid, he grew up with only dogs and no other pets. He and the dogs got along very well, and he was able to train any dog on the street. His ability to train dogs became helpful when he got his job. He had many interests as a kid, like Christmas. He loved the feeling of giving someone something they could love and keep forever. That feeling continued as he grew up. When he was four years old, he told his parents he wanted to be Santa Claus when he grew up because Santa got to bring joy to many children around the world. His parents explained to him that Santa isn't a career, so he went for the next best thing… a mailman.

In 1964, Martin applied for a job as a mailman. A week after he submitted his application, he received a note in the mail from the post office. The letter said that he got the job and would start work the next week. On his first day, Martin was nervous and dropped more than twelve letters, packages, and newspapers. His boss told him that he would need to get his act together or he would be fired. After that, he worked really hard to avoid any mistakes. So whenever people saw him coming down the street, their moods would be lifted. He was the most appreciated mailman on the block.

In the fall of 1988, he started a new route on a different street. Most people on the street were pretty nice, but one woman stood out above the rest. Every time he went to her house, she would greet him and tell about the weather. He would smile, listen, answer his best, give her the mail, and then nod on his way out. The mail he delivered to her house was addressed to either Agnes DiPesto or Herbert Viola. He never really got to know Herbert, but he was happy for Agnes. She always made his day brighter, and he enjoyed coming to her house.

Later in the same year, on a Sunday morning in church, Martin was seated next to a woman named Molly, his future wife. They were seated together in the third row. She seemed nice, and he even heard her whispering a line from the Bible while the reverend was reciting it. After church, he walked up to her and started a conversation. Later, he invited her out for coffee, and they started dating. They got married in early 1989.

A few years of working as a mailman didn't do much for his spirits. He couldn't handle the fact that most of the mail made people's days worse because most of it was bills and bad news. He decided to retire, and Molly and he moved East, where they found a nice little house by a lake. He never had children, but that didn't bother him. His fortune in happiness and his ability to save money was enough to help him retire and live a good life. He was a little sad that he wouldn't know what happened to the kind woman on the street, but maybe one day he would move back and find out.

Author's note: This biography was written by my 10-year-old daughter. I helped a little, but I don't want to take all the credit for it. :)