Joan Anderson biography

Joan Anderson was born on July 22, 1950 in New Jersey. As a child she loved playing school, and as a teenager she loved babysitting kids. So when she finished high school she decided she wanted to go to college to study to be a teacher.

In September 1968 Joan went to college in Pennsylvania and studied to be an elementary school teacher. She graduated in 1972 and got a job that fall as a first grade teacher in a school in NJ. She lived with her parents while she worked. One Saturday in January 1973 Joan accepted an invitation to a party and it was there that she met her future husband Paul. Paul was originally from Arkansas, but had taken a job in NJ as a Chemical Engineer. They dated for a little over a year and then got married in April 1974. Soon after that, Paul got a job offer in California for a lot more money, so they moved to the West Coast in the summer of 1974.

Soon after they arrived in their new state they bought a house, and Joan found a job as a first grade teacher. She started her new job in the fall of 1974. She worked at that job for almost 2 years and then discovered she was pregnant in spring of 1976. She finished out the school year and then gave up her teaching job to stay home and raise her son who was born in December 1976.

In December 1981 her son turned 5, and in the fall of 1982 he started school. Now that her son was in school Joan was bored at home all day, so she decided to find a part time job to keep busy. She saw a help wanted ad in the newspaper to work in the office of the City of Angels detective agency. It was an easy job with good pay and the boss, David Addison, didn’t mind if she showed up late or left early to care for her son. She could also take days off whenever she wanted. Joan enjoyed working there even though sometimes there was nothing to do and it could get kind of boring. However, when things were very slow Mr. Addison would try to entertain the workers by throwing parties, having limbo contests and even hosting poker games.

Then in 1985 a new boss took over the agency named Madolyn Hayes. Things changed after that. The job became more serious. Joan couldn’t show up late or leave whenever she wanted. Also, the atmosphere was more tense, and Mr. Addison and Ms. Hayes seemed to be constantly at odds and arguing all the time. After working like this for a few months, Joan decided she’d rather deal with children in a classroom, so she left the detective agency and found a job teaching first grade again. Despite not being happy at the detective agency towards the end, she will never forget the experience and she will always wonder whatever happened with Mr. Addison and Ms. Hayes.