Introducing... Wobblypedia: The Moonlighting Wiki!

Ryan K. Michaels

Staff member
Greetings, everyone!

I just wanted to let you know that, between "Agnes' Desk" and "Maddie's Office" on the Home page, I have created a new area called, "Wobblypedia: The Moonlighting Wiki." Please check it out and let me know your thoughts.

It is going to be quite a project to put some meat on these bones, but I am determined to bulk up what I believe to be the first ever Moonlighting wiki (can that possibly be?!) with content ASAP. Any help you might offer in scouring Original Series episodes or Expanded Universe stories for FACTS and writing "articles" (of at least a couple paragraphs) about the topic at hand (such as "What we know about David Addison, Sr.") based on those facts... would be amazing!

PLEASE NOTE: I realize that "article" writing isn't for everyone, and I certainly don't want to give anyone the sense of having "homework." The regular forums are still there on the Home page for casual conversation.

I will write as much as I can myself to build up the Wobblypedia, and I guess I'm just hoping that maybe some of our amazing writers might use it as place to keep typing without constantly feeling the pressure of coming up wth new ideas (though I must say I am LOVING all of the new ideas I see happening right now), or as a way to seek inpiration for their next story by mining the facts of existing ones.

If nothing else, I hope you enjoy the presentation of the people, places, and things of Moonlighting in an organized way that has been done for so many other movies, TV series, etc. over the years, and is criminally overdue for David, Maddie, and friends.

I am going to keep on building the framework and add a "Characters" subcategory for "Clients & Case Related", another top-level category for "Places", and more. I will also start watching Moonlighting again from the Pilot forward, with an especially close eye on the Wobblies. Having just created the "Blue Moon Employees & Contractors" Wobblypedia subcategory and added a few notes along the way, I have at least a couple articles in mind to write in the very near future myself. I am seeing the Wobblies in a whole new light!

Anyway, whether you're a writer or a reader (all are welcome), I hope "Wobblypedia: The Moonlighting Wiki" somehow brightens your day in, if even just a little bit, too.

Thanks for being here,