Commentary by Cybill Shepherd and Roger Director


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This commentary was fantastic. CS was very forthright about what was going on behind the scenes and got emotional more than once talking about how much she loved the show and wished there could have been a reunion or a movie. She also expressed her desire to work with BW again, but did not see it ever happening.

She and Roger Director were very close. He told her he loved her and she thanked him for his support and then got emotional.

Bittersweet but really enjoyable


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I agree, I enjoyed this commentary too. Roger Director was one of the few people on set who seems to have understood and supported Cybill. Bringing twins on set for 12 hour days must have been so hard, having them cooped up in a trailer would have made them cranky and definitely made her feel stressed. She's not just there to breastfeed her babies, she would have wanted to spend some quality time with them as well in a comfortable environment.
Having a work-life balance just doesn't seem to have been a priority on moonlighting. A lot of the writers and editors etc talk about working through the night, sleeping there on the sofa to get the show aired on time. Someone commented once that a lot of marriages broke down during the moonlighting years. Glenn's creative chaos, while it did bring us some fantastic TV, should be blamed for a lot of the show's problems.