Commentary by Allyce Beasley, Jay Daniel, and Peter Werner


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FanOfMoonlighting, thank you so much for posting these! I never even knew these commentaries existed, as I thought they would be on my DVDs but they are not. Im really happy to get the chance to see them. Thank you again. I really appreciate it. <3
Happy to help! There is also one for the Dream Sequence. I'll try to do that soon. Did you watch the others? I'm curious what you thought of them.
Also, do you have the ones for Seasons 4 and 5?


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Here is Twas the Episode Before Christmas. This commentary has Allyce.

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These commentaries are inspired! I believe that Moonlighting fans put them together? Our heartfelt thanks, Moonlighting maven!
I love Allyce Beasley here, she sounds so sweet. This episode really showcased her. And that last scene 💖
As always, I truly love the feeling of pride and accomplishment felt by everyone who worked on this show. When they watch the show again it's like they themselves are surprised by how good it truly is.