Carolyn Kandinski biography


Carolyn Kandinski was only 21 when she met the man who would become her husband. Dominic Kandinski was 30 at that time, and well on his way to becoming a very successful magician and escape artist. He hired Carolyn to be his assistant, as she was young and attractive and more than willing to wear the skimpy outfits he asked her to wear onstage.

In the early years of their relationship, Carolyn was madly in love with Dominic, and he treated her well. He bought her expensive gifts and took her to all the fancy restaurants in town. When they married a few years later, he set them up in a very nice house on a tree-lined street in a safe neighborhood.

Over the years, her husband came to be known as "The Incredible Mr. Kandinski" or "The Great Kandinski." As she got older, Carolyn went from being his on-stage assistant to being his emcee and his business manager. She watched as her husband studied the occult and became obsessed with all things mystical, magical, and other-worldly.

Feeling neglected by her husband, Carolyn occasionally took up with other men. Usually, they were men that worked for her husband as part of his entourage. When her husband would discover Carolyn cheating, which he often did, he would swear up and down that when he died, he would return from the dead and kill her as payback for all her indiscretions.

Carolyn swore that he was cheating on her, as well. In fact, she accused him once of not only cheating, but of keeping a mistress in an apartment across town. Handfuls of cash would go missing, and it was Carolyn’s belief that he was giving the money to this woman. However, despite trying, she was never able to prove his infidelity.

IGWSS (contains spoilers)

On February 3, 1986, Carolyn was present on stage when it was believed that her husband perished while attempting to escape from the water-filled Tank of Peril. While being tied and locked up under a black bag-like covering, it appeared that after about one minute, Mr. Kandinski stopped moving and drowned.

Fearing her husband would make good on his threat to kill her, Carolyn paid the Blue Moon Detective Agency $2,000 to watch over the deceased body until it was cremated. However, the body disappeared the very next day, and Carolyn wound up dead.

Carolyn Kandinski’s original cause of death was accidental, or possible suicide. It was suspected that she got drunk and then drove her car off a cliff into the ocean. However, later on it was determined that her death was a homicide. Dr. Neely, who was the coroner at the morgue, injected her with alcohol when she discovered that Dr. Neely falsified Mr. Kandinski's death record so that the two men could rob a jewelry store in Los Angeles. As it turned out, Dr. Neely also killed Mr. Kandinski when he pushed him off the roof of the jewelry store.

Both husband and wife passed away on the same date, February 5, 1986. Their memorial service was attended by friends and employees, as neither had family in the local area.