Calculating David's birthday

Ryan K. Michaels

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According to, the dates of birth of our favorite detectives are as follows:

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The "March 23" information for David comes from the OS episode IGWSS, in which he calculates his next birthday to be "47 days, 13 hours, 51 minutes... roughly" from the moment Maddie says on her own birthday, "I can't wait until it's your birthday." Well, assuming February 4 is accurate for Maddie (I am still seeking the source of that information), March 23 for David is accurate only if one disregards the additional hours and minutes he mentions and adds only the "47 days."

Whether or not his entire birthday calculation is nothing more than joke, David mentions "13 hours, 51 minutes" for a reason. Subtracting those hours and minutes from midnight puts us right at 10:09 AM, which could align very accurately with the moment he says it. (Maddie arrives at 10:00 AM, is surprised by and quickly bails on her surprise party, and is in her office in time for David to put on his tie, roll down his sleeves, and make his calculation 9 minutes later.)

Working from his complete "47 days, 13 hours, 51 minutes... roughly" cacluation and starting from 10:09 AM on February 4 actually sets David's birthday on March 24, as shown below:

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So, with that... my search for's actual Moonlighting episode sources for their stated birthdays of "February 4" for Maddie and "November 27" (according to season 5) for David continues...
Hey, you found one of the episodes where it's mentioned! I remember you asking about it a few weeks ago and I went looking. However, as what happens with all things when you want an answer quickly, I didn't find it. So it's mentioned in IGWSS. Did you also find out when it's mentioned in season 5?
I haven't searched for the season 5 reference to David's birthday yet, so I can't currently judge which date is more credible.
I wondered if maybe the episode IGWSS aired on February 4, so that's why her birthday was listed as February 4. But from what I can find, it aired on February 11. So shouldn't that be her birth date? And while I was recently watching that episode I wondered why they never celebrated David's birthday on the show. That could have been fun.
Boink, I think you had a slight misprint in your first post. You said "starting from 10:09 AM on February 4 actually sets David's birthday on February 24, as shown below:" I think you meant to write March 24.
I do like the idea that Maddie's birthday is in February and David's is in March since those are Cybill and Bruce's actual birth months. :)
That the February 11 broadcast date of IGWSS differs from's stated birthdate for Maddie of February 4 makes me wonder all the more what their source is. I will give them the benefit of the doubt, though, until contradictory, onscreen evidence proves otherwise. Episode premiere dates often differ wildly from the in-universe facts/chronology of the show.

Thank you for noticing my misprint about David's birthday and letting me know. I have corrected it but now think that the point made by my calculation obsession is probably moot regardless. MoonlightingMagic has identified David's "November 27th, me and Jimi Hendrix" birthday reference in TMWFE, which I find more credible than his joking calculation in IGWSS (unfortunately, since I also like your idea of a would-have-been Maddie and David/Cybill and Bruce birthday connection).
I have found further reason to accept David's "November 27th, me and Jimi Hendrix" birthday claim in TMWFE over any other on-screen alternative.

"And the Flesh Was Made Word" opens with John Wicklow noting the date to be "February 4th" as he writes in his journal, before cutting to him at his desk with the calendar next to his phone showing an unidentified month and date of "22." We then move on to Maddie returning David's gift to him the Monday after her non-wedding, and his playing as if she might be handing him a birthday present. He once again calculates his birthday, this time being 38 days out on a leap year.

Well, this Monday morning gift return must occur on August 8, 1988, according to the real-world/EU timeline, so the leap year factor (and, by extension, the entire calculation) must be dismissed as a joke. Even if we figure that ATFWMW is carelessly set on its original broadcast date (ala David being impossibly released from prison on CHDp2's premiere date of December 1, 1987), that would be March 22, 1988. This is consistent with the "22" on Wicklow's desk calendar and the fact that 1988 was a leap year, but March 22 is still too late for the February 29 "Leap Year Day" to factor into David's calcuation.

The only other "option" is that ATFWMW is set on February 22, 1988, but that makes no sense by either EU-timeline or original-broadcast-date reasoning, and 38 days out from here would be inconsistent with 47 days out from his February 4th (timeline) or 11th (premiere date) calculation in IGWSS.

Long story short... both "calculations" are jokes, and David is in with Hendrix (and Curtis Armstrong!).