BW and CS as David and Maddie today?


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From what I have read BW’s performances have been lackluster for quite some time.

His best work likely was on Moonlighting.
His best work was definitely on Moonlighting. I've been watching several of his movies lately, and I keep looking for that something special... that charm he had when he played David Addison, but I just don't see it.

I wonder if "Seasons 1-3 David" was a lot like real-life Bruce, before he became the mega-star. Becoming a huge action movie star may have made him the "not-so-nice" guy that he seems to be today.

"ML Seasons 1-3" = charming, self-confident BW
"Post Die Hard" = arrogant, conceited, nasty BW

It's difficult for me to write that because I want so badly to be his biggest fan, but I just don't like what success did to him. I wish he'd stayed the way he was in those early interviews he did for Moonlighting.