Bruce Willis returns to Nakatomi Plaza!

Blue Goose

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I wasn't sure if people caught this or not, but I just finished watching this episode and noticed some scenes filmed outside of the Fox Plaza, aka the Nakatomi Plaza from Die Hard. This episode would have been shot about a year after filming the movie.

The entire sequence in which David and Nurse Saundra are having their "lunch" outside takes place directly in front of the entrance doors on the west side of the building that face the parking garage (the same entrance where the terrorists arrive in Die Hard).

A few minutes later, Dr. Brill and Michelle are walking down Avenue of the Stars (with David and Maddie following close behind), and they walk directly in front of the entrance on the east side of the building - look closely and you can see the "X PLA" of "FOX PLAZA" above Michelle's head.

When David and Maddie stop for popcorn, you can recognize the large metal handrails of the east entrance - the same entrance where the SWAT team vehicle tries to enter unsuccessfully in Die Hard.

The scene then shifts to the JW Marriott hotel (now called the InterContinental Hotel) right next door to the Fox Plaza. You'll see the Plaza again - and it's famous circular driveway - later in the episode when David and Maddie follow Michelle's Jaguar back to the doctor's office.

PS. I worked in the Fox Plaza for several years during my time at the studio - one of the great joys of watching Moonlighting is reliving those years when I see the various locations in Century City that they used for filming. :)