Blue Moon "INVESTIGATIONS" font change after "Fetal Attraction"

'Essed viewers might notice the changed font used for the word "INVESTIGATIONS" on the front window after this episode.
Great job catching the "INVESTIGATIONS" font change! The early font (upper-left photo, taken and flipped horizontally from CBLS) is seen from season 1 through FA (upper-right photo, which is blurry but has the curved "E" still visibly present). By HLWYK (set during FA in chronological order, lower-left photo) and TOMT (next in original broadcast order, lower-right photo), the change has been made.


Interestingly (at least to us 'essed folks), the early font appeared one (final?) time in TOMT, in a shot trimmed and transplanted from ATTTM. As Maddie prepares to enter the office for her actual return to Blue Moon, the later font is seen with her in the shot. When it cuts to her view into the office, however, the early font sneaks in, along with Agnes and O'Neill in different outfits. Note the change of clothes as they react to her arrival.


Below left is the same "through the window" shot as it would have appeared in ATTTM had the scene not been cut to begin with David's knocking on the glass (below right).