Bill "Fish" Fisher biography

Bill "Fish" Fisher was the deli supervisor for the small grocery store on 9th Street in Greenwich Village at the time that he first met David Addison.

It was a beautiful spring day in May of 1975 when a young couple walked up to Bill at the deli counter and ordered a couple of sandwiches. After talking with them for a few minutes, Bill learned that the married couple was actually in the process of moving into the second-floor apartment directly above the grocery store. The couple was David and Tess Addison from Philadelphia. They had recently decided to move to New York because Tess wanted to take acting classes, and also because her brother lived in the city.

Over the following weeks and months, Bill would often see David in the store, and they'd strike up a conversation here and there about this and that. Bill thought David was a great guy, and very, very funny. He once told David that he should try to make a living as a stand-up comic, and call himself, Top Cat Dave, or T.C. for short.

One night, Bill was getting ready to close up the store when he heard yelling coming from the apartment above. It wasn't entirely out of the ordinary for him to hear David and Tess arguing, but on that particular night, David ran down the stairs and asked him if he felt like going out for a beer, or two, or three even. Bill had nothing better to do, so he went along.

David had been pissed that night because at the last minute, Tess told him she was planning to spend the weekend away in the Pocono Mountains with some of her fellow acting classmates. When he expressed an interest in going with her, she'd told him, no, that he wouldn't fit in. This was only the first of many nights that would play out like this, ending with Bill and David getting drunk at the bar. Eventually, it would become Bill, David, Michael, Rick and Jimmy all getting drunk at the bar. Bill was not the least bit surprised when he found out that David was divorcing Tess and moving out to the West Coast.

When Bill was in his twenties, most people who knew him teased him, saying that he got his nickname "Fish" because he drank like a fish. But of course, the nickname was simply based on his last name and it was something he had been called ever since he was a little boy.

For years, Bill dated Rosie, the daughter of the elderly gentleman who owned the grocery store, and they ended up marrying in 1978. They had one son, and they named him, William, Jr.

In 1983, Bill's father-in-law passed away. In his will, he left ownership of the grocery store to Bill and Rosie. Both husband and wife worked in the store almost every day for years.

Bill stayed good friends with Jimmy over the years, even after a couple of the guys moved away. He was devastated when Michael called to tell him about Jimmy's death.

Bill was glad to get to see all his old friends at the Old Town Pub on the night before Jimmy's funeral. He had gotten drunk that night, but not so much so that he wouldn't remember it. He always laughs when he recalls the guys all singing that Top Cat song.