Barbara Mills biography


Barbara Mills was born and raised in Los Angeles California. She was born on January 15, 1939. Her father was a family doctor and her mother was a nurse. Barbara did very well in school and graduated high school at the top of her class. She went to UCLA to study neurology, and after eight years of school and three years of residency training she became a neurologist. While she was in college she met a man named James who was two years older than her, and after she graduated she married him. He was studying to be an accountant and they both found very good jobs after they finished school.

Barbara and James lived a busy, but happy life together. They got along very well, had similar interests and enjoyed traveling together. Barbara’s work hours were long and varied, so James did most of the cooking. Barbara didn’t have much time or interest in learning how to cook, and James was so good at it and enjoyed it so much, that she didn’t think she’d ever need to know. They had no children and devoted their lives to their jobs and each other. They planned to save as much money as they could so they could retire early and travel around the world together.

Tragically, in 1987, when James was only 50 years old he died of a heart attack. Barbara did her best to live her life without her partner and best friend, but it wasn’t easy. She threw herself into her work and abandoned any plans to retire and travel.

But after nearly two years of grieving, she decided to get out and do something other than work. She had always been an outgoing, friendly person and now she was becoming reclusive and lonely. She knew that James wouldn’t want her to live the rest of her life that way, so she decided to put herself back into the world outside of work. She enrolled in a cooking class in memory of her husband who loved cooking and so she could meet new people. She even considered getting back into the dating scene if she found a man who interested her. She felt that if she found a man who also enjoyed cooking like James did, she might feel a connection with him.

EKNM (contains spoilers)

After a few weeks of classes Barbara struck up a conversation with a new student. She liked the woman’s friendly attitude and her comment about not wanting to learn to cook just to get a man. She started to think she might be able to be friends with this woman, but the next week the woman didn’t show up for class. Barbara heard that she had been attacked in the parking garage the week before and she wasn’t coming back to class. Fortunately she wasn’t seriously injured.


Barbara continued to go to the cooking class and actually got pretty good at it. She even made friends with a few of the other students, including a nice man who was also a widow. They started dating and the relationship became serious. They never married, but they stayed together for the rest of their lives.
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