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  1. northernlight

    What is your favorite David Bowie song?

    'Starman' is my favourite. I came home from primary school one day in 1972 and saw Bowie and The Spiders performing it on a kids TV show. I loved it and I've loved it ever since. The Spiders actually came from my hometown.
  2. northernlight

    The Definitive Moonlighting Music List

    The Duke Ellington song? That's a long way from David Lee Roth.
  3. northernlight

    Is your spouse anything like David or Maddie?

    I never had a wife, but I remember thinking that Maddie would have been my ideal: beautiful, intelligent, tasteful, stylish, great sarcastic sense of humour... That she was sixteen years my senior didn't come into it. It was only a fantasy. And I thought, I'm not like David, so you wouldn't...
  4. northernlight

    Happy Birthday, Moonlighting!

    Ah, late to the party again! I second what everyone says.
  5. northernlight

    What if M&D had seen themselves as Katerina and Petruchio?

    All I remember is thinking how mean the mother was for not letting the poor lad watch 'Moonlighting'. We all needed our fix! Thankfully, I was 21 when this was broadcast in the UK in 1987, so it couldn't have happened to me. And my mother was never that mean anyway. I get your point, but...
  6. northernlight

    Happy Birthday, Cybill!

    Happy Birthday, Cybill! Have a great day. Well, hope you had a great day. I'm a bit late to the party.
  7. northernlight

    Why didn't Bruce Willis make more comedies?

    Maybe he felt comedy was beneath him, like a lot of luvvie actors do. I got the impression that he became something like that quite early on. Cybill said he had a girlfriend as far back as the pilot who apparently felt Moonlighting was beneath him and disapproved him doing television. In his...
  8. northernlight

    What on earth do the employees of Blue Moon Investigations do?

    Didn't Maddie herself often ask the same thing? I always assumed in the latter part of Moonlighting that business picked up, and there were occasional references to how they had turned things around, and the employees did look a little more industrious than in the early days. Think of the...
  9. northernlight

    Look What I Found...

    I think it's like she said in her book, that she was a model at the right time, a brief period when models were allowed to have an hourglass figure, sort of a reaction to the Twiggy era. Normally, models are required to be skinny.
  10. northernlight

    Rate "The Dream Sequence Always Rings Twice"

    And she also sang a lot in Cybill.
  11. northernlight

    As someone seeing Moonlighting for the first time...

    The third season was the pinnacle, but I have mixed feelings about the closing arc. These closing episodes are brilliant, brilliantly written and acted, but they're quite downbeat, and the ending... well, I don't know how much you know and I don't want to spoil it for you, but let's just say...
  12. northernlight

    A note from the author

    Thank you, Nala. Yes, it's an awful time, but it's something we'll all have to go through at some point. I'm just thankful she passed away at a good age, at home, in her sleep and was only sick for a year. I was lucky to still have a mother at 57, so... That's how you have to look at these...
  13. northernlight

    A note from the author

    Hi, Ryan Yes, it's a nice feeling, isn't it? Spiritual beliefs really do help. Family, friends and pets are all waiting for us. It's also nice to get to that stage where your memories can bring joy again and they feel present without actually being present, if that makes any sense. It's...
  14. northernlight

    A note from the author

    Really sorry about your loss. I lost my wonderful mother too, on the 24th October. It was a day I'd always dreaded, but she lived to be a good age, and passed away at home in her sleep after a year-long battle with dementia. I hope your mother's passing was peaceful and pain-free. She'll...
  15. northernlight

    One of My Favorites

    They really captured the feel and essence of those great film noir epics of the 40s. Splendid episode which, like 'Atomic Shakespeare', gives us something a little off the beaten path while retaining everything that made the show what it was. Also gave Cybill and Bruce a chance to step out of...
  16. northernlight

    The Definitive Moonlighting Music List

    Thank you, Marlena.
  17. northernlight

    The Definitive Moonlighting Music List

    Music evokes memory and provides its soundtrack. I have a lot of personal memories like that, where one feeds the other. Every time I've heard that track since 1986, I've seen, in my mind's eye, Maddie loading the dishwasher, feeding the fish and restlessly settling into bed just as the...
  18. northernlight

    The Definitive Moonlighting Music List

    'Waiting For A Girl Like You' made for a great ambient scene. One of my favourites. Absolutely perfect. Thank God I have the DVDs. Maybe these are aimed at a new generation of fans that are unfamiliar with the show. If you haven't seen it as it originally went out, you wouldn't know any...
  19. northernlight

    Hi Everyone, I am the Founder of Moonlighting Reunion and DVD Campaign

    Well, I couldn't imagine being without my ML DVDs, so it's my pleasure to thank you personally for all the work you put in to make it happen. Sorry I'm a bit late, well... A lot late, but I've got a lot of catching up to do. Anyway, a belated welcome to the club - welcome! And thanks again.
  20. northernlight

    Time to ditch the "Boink" username

    Hello Ryan, the Artist Formerly Known As Boink Just to add my appreciation for your site too. Haven't been here much lately because I've got so much going on, but I still dip in occasionally and I intend coming back more often, hopefully soon. So yes, thanks again for your marvellous site...