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    Irma Addison

    I just submitted the Available Concept "RIGL (Rolling in Grave Laughing)" to clarify the Irma Addison situation.
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    Rate "Alvin & the Chipmunks: 'Dreamlighting'"

    On a scale of 1-5, rate "Alvin & the Chipmunks: 'Dreamlighting'."
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    Moonlighting in syndication

    Here's what Wikipedia has to say about it: Here is a bit of end-credits-voiceover evidence of Moonlighting on Lifetime: This following press release was issued when HITS included Moonlighting in its premiere lineup...
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    Rate "Bravo Moonlighting"

    January 2000 - September 2002. I just posted an article about it here.
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    "Moonlighting Reruns to Brighten Bravo" article

    MOONLIGHTING RERUNS TO BRIGHTEN BRAVO By KATHRYN SHATTUCK The New York Times South Florida Sun-Sentinel January 02, 2000 It was a match made in hell: she with the cool gaze and the silky long legs, he with the rhythm 'n' blues soul and that incessant smirk. And from the moment Bruce Willis...
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    Two individual clips with somewhat better PQ

    I will add more as I track them down. If anyone has good quality recordings of these, could you please let me know? Thanks!
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    Anyone interested in this story?

    Judy, With big dreams of this becoming the first in a series, I had added "Bracelet Bandit" to the Home page under the banner "The New Adventures of Maddie & David." I have backed that off for now, though, because I don't want to speak for you or your daughters, or cause them to feel any...
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    Rate "Bravo Moonlighting"

    On a scale of 1-5, rate "Bravo Moonlighting."
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    Access to stories rated "TV-MA"

    Yep. If they read it, it's because they asked to read it.
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    Things that made it past the censorship

    I love that these are the aspects of TMWFE that most trouble you, and I agree with you on all points. You are a treasure.
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    Things that made it past the censorship

    Meanwhile, nearly everything on prime time network TV today, which is far more explicit in terms of sex and violence than its 1980s equivalent, would continue to get pass... as long as its "PC." I agree with FanofMoonlighting that the kissing scene in TMWFE is disturbing.
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    Memories of Moonlighting

    I know UnderMoonlight found the file, but for anyone else who is interested... here is "Memories of Moonlighting", already on YouTube in pretty good quality.
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    Are my Dvds in the wrong order?

    You're welcome! And yes, I would have thought so, too.
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    Access to stories rated "TV-MA"

    Hello! As hopes to inspire interest in Moonlighting from younger viewers and readers, I have noted a "TV-MA" rating (right after the episode number) and restricted access to every story with "mature/adult content." Unregistered visitors AND registered members will...
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    Anyone interested in this story?

    Any chance we can get a good promo shot of David and Maddie in this new animated form, without text balloons, to represent this episode on the Home page? Creations like this give me hope for the future. I can't wait to see the finished episode!
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    Are my Dvds in the wrong order?

    Your DVDs are wrong indeed. The correct order of those three episodes is: BAYAAHP, TCOM, PFL. I live in the U.S. and therefore have the region 1 set, which is correct. Strange that this is the first I’ve heard about any sort of mix up for region 2.
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    6 of 8 "lost" Virtual Moonlighting episodes have been found!

    Since it happens to be the holiday season, I am going to take this rare opportunity to recreate the good ol' days, as best I can, and post the next three "found" Virtual Moonlighting episodes over three consecutive, upcoming Tuesdays, at 9:00 PM U.S. Eastern time: 6.9 - Signs of Life - Tues...
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    Anyone interested in this story?

    I'd vote for the video, which brings yet another method of storytelling to the EU. The more ways we can keep David and Maddie alive, the better, I say.
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    Anyone interested in this story?

    I am ABSOLUTELY interested in this story! 😀
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    Thank you so much, Quest. I really appreciate that. And I am grateful beyond words for all of you regular contributors and visitors to this website who make my time spent on it worthwhile. I hope all of you and your loved ones have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving and holiday season ahead!