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    Rate "Slap Me Once, Slap Me Twice"

    Thank you everyone. I’m browsing on this Friday night while watching Texas Rangers baseball. I’m still discovering everything here!
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    Rate "Serendipity"

    Thank you Marlena and Nala.
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    Rate "An Honest Answer"

    I’d forgotten about this little treasure.
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    Script vs. Screen

    I think it was all about David’s character.
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    Script vs. Screen

    I’m sure there is a thread or a mention on this, but didn’t Bruce call Glenn at some point to tell him what was going on with LE? Maybe Bruce did feel like David would have never uttered “I love you too” at this point in the train wreck and it merited a call. I agree with Boink that the final...
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    David is surprised to hear Annie is married

    I thank Maddie would most definitely be dealing with the loss of the baby. There’s an episode where she’s folding laundry and holds up a t-shirt that says Baby ⬇️. Is it WGC? Makes me get a lump in my throat every single time. A great moment in Cybill’s abilities though.
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    What the End of Moonlighting Means? (May 1989)

    I’ve been thinking a lot about this topic as well as a discussion on the fans podcast about blurred lines between Maddie/David and Cybill/Bruce. Yes, we know initially there was an attraction between the two of them. Apparently they never really acted on it. I’ve heard Bruce say it could have...
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    Grace & Shawna interview Glenn Gordon Caron

    I really enjoyed the Glenn interview! He seemed so gracious and it was good to hear his obvious affection for the show despite how it ended. Nice job Shawna and Grace and thanks for the hard work you put in to your podcast. Every time I hear a clip I crave Moonlighting all over again!
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    OS prologues/epilogues omitted from home video

    I’ve enjoyed watching all of the clips, Boink. I do remember all of them. I had them all on VHS tape with all of the episodes. Sadly, I’m not sure I still have them. But, seeing them again reminds me of how the show was so groundbreaking and that nothing has been on tv like it since.