When the Moon Hits Your Eye

When the Moon Hits Your Eye
By Christine

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Summary: David tries once more to confess his love for Maddie. starts after
Blonde on Blonde. Maddie ponders and gets advice.

David went home latter that night, the previous night still weighing heavily
on his head. David got in, kicked off his shoes and went to the
refrigerator to have a beer. He sat on the side of his bed and finished the
beer and tried to get to sleep. No such luck. He tossed and turned the whole
night. All night he heard the "fake Maddie's" words haunting him......

"Does this Maddie know how much you love her? I'm sorry its just so clear.
You wouldn't go through all this for yourself, would you? She doesn't know does
she? Tell her, just tell her"

"Tell her, just tell her!!!" Again and again that's all David heard.

David tried and tried to shrug it off. No use, no matter how much he tried.

David finally decided he would go back to Maddie's house and tell her no
matter who was there.

All the way there he could hear the "fake Maddie's" voice.  Tell her, just tell her
you love her.

David got there and got out and walked slowly up the porch. The once
impulsive Addison was loosing impulsiveness. It was true David was nervous
although he wouldn't admit it out loud. Why can't everyday just be another
fight? Those were always easier and more natural.

David looked around for that Guy, but he was no where to be found. Until he
went around back to see the Guy cooking breakfast.

David had to come up with a plan quick. Ah he would climb up the terrace to
Maddie's bedroom (David was well aware were that was). He figured she was
still sleeping. Once he was in the room he would lock the door so the Guy couldn't
get in.

David climbed up the wall as he had done many times before, got in, and did
just what he planned. Then he placed his hand over Maddie's mouth.

"Maddie wake up its David, we need to talk now."

Maddie woke up surprised to see David.

Maddie mumbled to David to let go. He did, only
after he told her not to yell." Which surprisingly she didn't.

"David, what are you doing here now?"

"I told you we need to talk"

"Now? Can't it wait?"


"David look, now's not a good time. Can't you please come back later?"

"Maddie, I'll only be a minute"


"Um well, uh, you see last night I came to this realization. I uh, didn't
realize before and well, uh boy why can't I say this."

Maddie began to look serious. "David what? What's going on?"

"Well like I uh said I realized something last night I hadn't before."

"David what!!"

"Well I um... I'm um, in care with you"

"What, David your not making sense"

"I um... care about you a lot in fact. I mean I love you"

Maddie hesitated a moment before saying anything. She thought of Sam, the guy
she was seeing and then she thought of David and all the times they
had...she couldn't deny she loved him so finally she said, "I love you

They both smiled.

"Well here we are two people who love each other" said David.

"Yup, uh David, There's this guy I've been seeing, Sam Crawford"

"Sam eh I knew a guy named Sam once wanted for murder in three states, nice
guy though"

"David get real, anyway I've known Sam since I was six we grew up together
and even went to college together....and that's when we started dating,
pretty seriously...well then Sam got a job with NASA...."

"You dated an astronaut, ha ha"

"Thank you David once again I am remind of the depth of your sensitivity,
Anyway he got a job with NASA and just couldn't refuse the opportunity so he
moved to be closer to work."

"What's your point Maddie."

Maddie looked down and blinked her eyes"Well I uh um.. think I still care
about him."

"What!....you mean to tell me in the last three years you've felt nothing"

"David of course I have but seeing Sam again brought back those old

"I don't believe you Maddie Hayes, do you love me or not?"

"David I love you but I think I love Sam too. Oh dam David I can't do this
I'm so confused."

"You know you really are a piece of work Maddie Hayes." David turned to leave through
the window.

Maddie looked at David leaving and couldn't help think that wasn't the way
it should have went. She sat on her bed for a few minutes and got up got a
notepad and wrote a note to Sam.


Emergency at office....gotta go! DON'T WORRY I'LL TAKE CARE OF IT!! I'll be
fine!! See you later.


Maddie placed the note on the bed and then managed to slip off without Sam
seeing her.

Maddie ended up driving around for hours. She passed David's house only about
a billion times. A couple times she had almost gotten out. Driving around
she had thought of every thing they've been through, everything she felt for
him...and she tried as much as she could to think how David felt. She knew
he loved her...she knew she loved him. For a moment it seemed so simple. They
could just be in love. But there were so many reasons why it wouldn't work,
namely being she couldn't stand him. But there were times when even though
she couldn't stand him she still needed and wanted him around. Much like a
kid eating sugary candy. People say its bad for you and gives you cavities,
but it tastes too good to stop eating. Maddie knew that there was something
about David that tasted so good; she couldn't understand why or, why she
kept coming back....but she did keep coming back for more.

Secondly, They were two different people in two different worlds. He says up
she says down; she says night he says day....that's the way it was with
them.....no middle ground. Maddie thought how hard it would be to live like
that, how could they just get past that. At least with Sam there was a
beginning, a middle, and end. Not with David; with David she was always dizzy
wondering were they stood; if they stood....maybe David could handle that
but she couldn't.

Even though there were so many differences between them there were things she
liked about David. For one she admired his fearlessness; he wasn't the type
to worry about what people thought or what was going to happen in the
future. He lived his life for now...Even though Maddie was not likely to
admit this to David or herself. Deep down she knew she wished she could be a
little more like that. Sure, she was happy considering; pondering but
still.... She also admired his belief  in things he didn't know or couldn't
see. Maybe if she had a little bit of that, then when life pushed her down
the fall wouldn't seem so bad.

Maddie spotted a bar on the side of the road and pulled in. She got out and
went in.

"What can I get for you said, the bartender"

"Anything with a lot of hard liquor."

"Sure ok"

The bartender bought her drink. A woman wiping tables came over to her.

"Are you ok."

Maddie nodded unconvincingly and said, " Yes, thank you"

"You sure said the woman, you look like a lost puppy trying to get home in a
blizzard. If you wanna talk I'll listen. I work the late shift tonight and
the place is pretty empty."

Maddie thanked her and started to talk she told her about being in love with
David and Sam, how she felt about them, how she was so confused and didn't
know what to do.

Finally the woman said, " I know your confused but if you didn't care about
them it wouldn't be so hard."

"Great, dam I don't think I can do this. Why is love so hard?"

"Oh, its not that bad. You'll be fine. Look if you think your gonna have some
perfect romance then your sadly mistaken. Most things don't happen that

"I didn't say it was gonna be that smooth."

"No, but you seem stuck on what's supposed to be, things don't always happen
the way we want them to; that doesn't mean their bad or good it just means
its different."

"I don't think I can handle different" said Maddie.

"How would you know you haven't even tried?"

Just then a customer walked in an the woman had to leave Maddie thanked her
for her time and sneaked a tip in her pocket.

Maddie got in her car and drove past David's house. This time she got out
and knocked on the door.

"Hi David can we talk."


"David I love you and I want to".... just then she heard a voice from behind.

"Maddie what's going on" It was Sam, he had followed her when he saw her run
off through the window...

........................THE END..................................

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