What Could Have Been

by Isabel

In "FUNERAL FOR A DOOR NAIL", Maddie asks David to go with her to a FAMILY WEDDING. David ecstatically accepts feeling that she now considers him important enough to take to a FAMILY WEDDING. The whole case thing never happens, and they go to the wedding after all... (I COULD ADD DIALOGUE, BUT I'LL JUST NARRATE IT FOR NOW)

Maddie and David are on the plane flying to Chicago, seated side by side. Nervous about the whole wedding-thing and about the fact that she has David along for the ride, Maddie warns David that he must behave himself and that above all costs, must avoid any temptation to banter with her. She wants him to also refrain from chasing any other women at the wedding (knowing what he's like), because... and here comes a big favor she needs of him... she needs him to PRETEND THEY'RE A COUPLE.

David's face drops (in pure shock and excitement). She reminds him that at the wedding her family is going to be desperately trying to match her with any and all available bachelors there, and that she can't stand the thought of going through that again. David is looking at her with the biggest grin he can muster, hiding it of course when she looks his way. Maddie assures him it would only be for the night and that she would be grateful if he did her the favor. Remembering how she reacted when he was "DELIGHTED" to go with her to the wedding, he knew he had to hide his excitement. He tells her that he is at her service and that he would be honored to be her "BETTER HALF". She snarls at this and tells him that he better not get any ideas.

She had already booked 2 SEPERATE ROOMS in the same hotel where they were holding the reception, and that he better not try any funny business. He assures her that he is seeing it as only a BUSINESS-thing, and that he'd prove her to be wrong about him. Skeptically, and nervously, Maddie accepts. 

It's time for the wedding. The two are to meet in the hotel lobby as Maddie is taking a few minutes long to get ready. David is waiting anxiously in his black tuxedo when Maddie glides in. She's as gorgeous as ever. "Boy, can she make an entrance," thinks David to himself. (I cheat with dialogue here... David would SO say this... he says it in "DREAM SEQUENCE..." too!). Maddie asks David if he's ready for what was to come. He'd been ready since the first day she "... slithered into his office."

Maddie is introducing David to everyone at the reception (she's told her parents about her arrangement with David and they're playing along). (LET YOUR IMAGINATIONS RUN WILD WITH THAT ANNIE WOULD'VE BEEN AT THIS WEDDING!) Maddie is surprised at how well-behaved David is. He's polite, gentlemanly, and most of all... charming. But then again, he'd always been a charmer. It was as second nature to him as breathing. But she still couldn't get over how well he was doing. David knew that she was impressed and knew that she was scrutinizing everything he was saying and doing. He was determined the charm the socks off everyone in the room and not give her the satisfaction of him messing up. Family and friends come up to Maddie to celebrate David and tell her how sexy he is. She's hearing how she's so lucky to have him, and that how he's so funny. Maddie agrees with them, accepting that what they were saying was true. Not only was David all those things in his BEST-BEHAVED self, but he was like that for real, too. She tells of how she and David met, and how she knew at that instant that he was going to be someone important in her life. We here get to hear Maddie's true feelings for David... she's in awe of him.

David's at the bar, getting an earful of MADDIE-STORIES from her family on the other side of the room... stuff he's never heard. Old boyfriends, what she was like in college, and most importantly how she's tough as nails on the outside, but all mush on the inside. He's telling his stories...stories of their relationship, case stories. but mostly all talk about her. We get to hear what David thinks of Maddie...he's in awe of her. They give each other these flirty glances from across the room. Then....a familiar song begins to play, Lenny Welch's "SINCE I FELL FOR YOU" (from the Pilot). They walk towards each other and meet on the dance floor. They don't say a word to each other, but only look into each other's eyes with that "knowing" look they're so great at. He with his grin, she with hers. They know how the other feels, but yet don't want to say anything. They just want to dance to "THEIR SONG". He dips her (as he did in the PILOT)... the song ends. David walks Maddie back to her family and turns back to the bar. She's left in a shock like none other... she was breathless, and David had MADE her breathless. She just couldn't believe it, especially the fact that she liked it.

The party's winding down now, and David & Maddie bid everyone goodnight and good-bye since they were flying back to LA the next morning. They're walking out the reception hall when two of Maddie's friends (a couple) decide to walk up with them since they too had a room in the hotel. They know now that they're in a bind since they have separate rooms and on different floors. David chooses Maddie's room as theirs when they're asked by the couple. A coincidence, of course... their room is on the same floor! David turns to the camera with a look of "OF COURSE". They exit the elevator and walk to their respective rooms. The couples say goodnight to each other and enter their room. In order to make sure that they don't see David leave too soon, Maddie and David talk about the wedding to kill some time....and to soak up some of the sexually charged atmosphere. Sitting in a sofa-like chair (like in "BIG MAN...."), and Maddie sitting on the bed (like in "BIG MAN..."), they talk about the ceremony, the food, etc... anything to distract each other from the other's obvious uneasiness.

Maddie then thanks David for the favor of pretending to be her "OTHER". In the sexiest way he can, David says how he wouldn't have let anyone else do the job. Maddie blushes... David bows his head in a smile. Feeling that this was the best time for his exit, he stands up, tie in hand, and peeks his head out the door. The coast was clear, and so it was time for him to leave. With the light to his back (like in "BIG MAN..."), David bids her goodnight and blows her a kiss. Maddie couldn't believe it... she was breathless again. She just couldn't believe it.

Next morning they're to meet in the lobby. David is feeling a little nervous, knowing that he and Maddie had exchanged some pretty powerful vibes the night before. Surprisingly to David, Maddie exits the elevator, completely aloof to ANY vibes that she and David had exchanged at the wedding or reception. David's caught off guard with this, a bit confused that she could be so aloof. Maddie is acting like nothing ever happened. Wondering whether the whole night was a waste of his time (and hopes), David is now more confused than ever when it comes to her.

They board the plane. Still in shock that she could be so indifferent to the night before, David asks Maddie if she had a good time overall. She replies that she did and that she appreciated his being so professional about the whole arrangement. To David that was the blow that sent him crashing back to reality... the dream was over, and it was time to get back to reality. Shaking his head in disbelief, he leans his head back on his pillow and closes his eyes... "I KNEW IT WAS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE", he says aloud... Maddie then turns her head over to David, and then just smiles.