The People's Republic of Blue Moon

This is for entertainment purposes only. These are not my characters but the plot is. The characters belong to PictureMaker Productions and ABC Circle Films.

By Kaitlin

                                               The People's Republic of Blue Moon



The door to Maddie's office flew open. He poked his head in his face forming a smirk. "You rang?"

"What is this?"

"What is What?"

"This!" She threw a pile of papers at him. "These bills."

"Bills for what?"   He picked a few off the floor. Perching himself  on the corner of her desk, he carelessly thumbed through them." Looks like operating expenses to me?

"Operating what, club med?" A Satellite dish...with six hundred channels?"

 "I'm keeping up on the stock market.... and the races at Saratoga"

"....Fantasy Fone Friends."

"That's like information...with a few added features"

"... A band? When exactly that happened I have no idea..."

"....Kiki and the Big Knockers. They played an office function when you were unfortunately out of the office."

Maddie stopped and stared at him in disgust. "David, you know we can not afford this. What exactly has gotten in to you lately? She got up from her desk and began to pace.

"Common Maddie. Chill out!"

"Save it Addison. Look, I can save your breath and my time. This is a place of business, no fun allowed!"

David got up and followed her to the other side of the room." If it makes you feel any better, it wasn't that much fun." She didn't answer, her cold eyes shooting bullets. He smiled, suddenly realizing she was really upset. "Look maddie, I'm sorry. But I really think you might be overreacting . I was just  hangin' out with some of the guys in the office. Playtime, recess. You know what they say, all work and no play makes Maddie...."

"David, the workplace is no place for fun. We work so we can afford to have fun."

 David threw up his arms and plopped himself on the couch. " Maddie, I get that there is a time and place for everything, but I firmly believe that fun is something that should be had everywhere. Including in your place of business." 

 Ignoring him, Maddie sat down at her desk pretending to go through her briefcase.

"Listen Blondie, life is supposed to be fun and these days Blue Moon IS my life, so I take my good times where I can get it. Plus, I think it makes the office more efficient in the long run."

"No, Partyboy, it's bankrupting me in the short run!" She slammed her briefcase shut, her face snarled in anger. "The key to running a good business is to have a strict handle on day to day operation and run a tight ship. Diligence equals success."

"Yeah, and Maddie equals boring. You wouldn't know fun if it hit you in the face."

"Boring!" From behind her desk Maddie strode over to the couch looming over David with narrowed eyes. "I would so know it."

"Would not!"

Maddie sat down next to him, suddenly thoughtful, a coy smirk spreading across her face. "You know, I could have fun if I WANTED to, but there is NO WAY you could ever run a business even if you had an owners manual."

 David leaned in suddenly intrigued. " Oh yeah? Is that a dare?" 

"No, it is an opinion and I say we take a vote."

David smiled incredulously. "Maddie are you suggesting an extracurricular activity? A Side note? Time unlatched from our grindstones?"

Suddenly self-confidence, she nodded slowly. "Maybe a little..but only to prove my point."

David rubbed his hands together, his eyes twinkling with excitement. "This will be great! I will inform the troops. Tomorrow we will vote!" Which way they feel is more effective. Mine or yours."

Maddie smiled and folded her arms. "Mind you Mr. Addison,. it is not what they prefer, it is what they think theoretically. Obviously it will be secret ballet."

"No problem boss lady." He went to the door and smiled. "I'm gonna start lobbying now if you don't mind."

"Lobby away." Maddie watched him go, shaking her head in amazement.


Maddie walked into the office early the next morning to find the office completely transformed. There were pictures of David everywhere complete with  sunglasses, a Hawaiian lay around his neck, holding a ukulele with "Vote For Addison" across the top in big block letters. Employees wore pins with David's face, the nose squirting water. Maddie rolled her eyes as she approached Miss Depesto's desk. "Morning Miss Depesto. I see Mr. Addison is in."

"He is in his office practicing his victory speech."

"You can tell him I'm here."

Quickly, she retreated into her office avoiding the falling confetti and the flailing streamers. As soon as she closed the door behind her, it opened again as David let himself in. "Ready for the big vote boss?"

She eyed him with annoyance. "You certainly don't waste anytime."

"David plopped down on the couch, fumbling with a noise maker in his hands. "You saw the posters huh?

"Kinda hard to miss."

"Yeah, hey the buttons came out pretty good too. And in all fairness, I had one made for you too." He whipped one out of his pocket and handed to her. 

"David, that is so sweet!"  She smiled, allowing herself to buy into his kindness only to be crestfallen at the sight." David that is disgusting!"

"What, you aren't REALLY naked. And besides the little blue blinking lights are strategically placed. Maddie!"

She stormed through the doors to the outer office. "Alright everyone, lets get this over with so we can get back to work."

"Precisely what I had in mind Miss Hayes." David strutted through the office. "Start setting up everybody. The boss lady wants to do it now!

On cue, desks were rearranged, curtains  removed from the windows and hung on coat racks creating a voting booth around Miss Depesto's desk. The lights were dimmed except for the tract lights near the booth. A rent a cop from the lobby was brought in to stand by the booth to make sure no one cheated.. 

Maddie's jaw dropped in disbelief. "David, what is all this? You know this is costing me money."

"Okay, maybe I went a little too far."

 "A little?"

 Next to the booth was a huge chalk board on wheels with a line drawn down the middle. It said "David" on the left and "Maddie" on the right. MacGilicuddy emerged from behind the chalkboard and silenced the crowd. "Now everyone knows the procedure, as we have done this before when we decided on the Satellite dish over digital cable..."

"What do you mean you have done this before!"

David quieted her, urging MacGilicuddy to continue.

 "Um,  You will go in the booth, cast your vote, then Agnes will interpret your votes recording them on this chalkboard. When all votes are tallied, either Miss Hayes or Mr. Addison will be the winner."

The employees went one by one, the suck ups voting for Maddie everyone else voting for David. Maddie couldn't help but smile. This whole thing was kind of funny. A little office camaraderie. Something to move the day along. She looked over to David careful not to show any signs of enjoyment. The last thing she wanted was for him to gloat.

David watched Maddie scowl. He was beginning to feel bad. He knew how hard she had been working over the past two years to build up the agency. It wasn't like he didn't appreciate it, but maybe lately he was a little over the top with the massage therapists and the belly dancers.

"Well everyone, it looks like a tie." Burt announced." It looks like Miss Hayes and Mr. Addison must cast their votes to decide."

"Well that's stupid, genius! Mcgillicutty snapped." It will still be a tie. They'll vote for themselves!

"Those are the rules, jerk!" Burt cleared his throat motioning Maddie and David to the booth. "One at a  time please."

Maddie went in first, then David, each emerging with a smile. "May the best man win." David whispered as they waited for the results, but as the votes were counted, they were still tied.

"That is impossible!" David and Maddie yelled at the same time. "I voted for you." They each pointed at the other and smiled.

Maddie shrugged. "You first."

"Look I felt bad, and maybe I see your point."

"And Maybe I see yours."

They stared at each other a moment before David broke the silence. "You didn't have to do that you know."

 "I know."

He slid his arm around her waist leading her to her office. "Well, everyone, it looks like we have reached a stalemate. Excuse us as Miss Hayes and I enter into serious deliberation in hopes to reach a meeting of the minds." He closed the door behind him, only to open it again peeking his head out. "But don't hold your breath. Hopefully we'll be a while."

The End