Missing Scene from Blonde on Blonde

By Kaitlin

This is for entertainment purposes. The characters belong to ABC Circle Films and Picture maker productions. No infringement intended.

Missing scene from Blond on Blond. What really happened the night Sam came to town. 


                                                                Missing Scene from Blonde on Blonde

The monotonous sound of the rewinding answering machine repeated for a third time that night. "Click". Maddie listened to the message from two hours earlier playing Sam's voice again.

"Hey Maddie, It's Sam. It is about 8 o'clock, I am passing through town, and I was wondering if you wanted to get together sometime, but I guess you are out. Listen, I'm staying at the Euromont Hotel. If you want to give me a call my number is 383-0410. That will put you straight through to my room. I guess I'll talk to ya later."

After replaying the message about five times she finally decided to give Sam a call. Besides it would be fun to catch ;up on old times. At about 11 o'clock that night Sam picked Maddie up and they went out to a small café.

"I gotta tell you Maddie, you look great. Same old Maddie."

Maddie chuckled a little as she took a sip of coffee. "Same old Sam."

He couldn't help but grin."So how have you been? You know, how's Blue Moon and

"It's great. David can tend to get a little out of
hand sometimes but he sure knows how to have fun."

"Business is good?"

"Ya, it is good. You know we get a lot of cases and
it's so much fun-especially when we solve the case!"

"It sounds like you really enjoy it."

"Yeah, I really do. So what brings you to town?"

"Nothing really-I'm just passing through and I
decided to camp here for tonight."

"Oh, well I'm glad you called. It was very

 They talked for a while and by the time Sam looked at his watch , it was already three in the morning. they were the only ones left in the place.


"Wow, Sam . Its so late. i had no idea. Suddenly she realized how exhausted she was. "We should get going.."


The voice of the broadcaster on the radio filled the car along with the tapping of rain on the windows as
Sam and Maddie drove along the dark, deserted road. "..And if you are planning on going down Radell
Avenue, you should change your route. It has been flooded out."

"Damn it!" Sam exclaimed. "That's right where I'm headed! The next closest way
could take two hours!"

"Sam, don't worry about it. You can stay at my house. You can sleep on the couch ;and in the morning
maybe the roads will have cleared a little."

"No Maddie don't worry about it. I don't want to be a burden."

"Oh, no, and besides it's already dark and late and the conditions are terrible."

"All right." He paused "Maddie I want you to know that I really appreciate this."

"It's no problem." she smiled. She knew that tone of Sam's. He had something up his sleeve.  

After Maddie had put some sheets on the couch and set up a bed for Sam, she went to bed as well.
About three hours later, although to Maddie it had only seemed like a blink of an eye later, Maddie heard
the faint voice of David Addison and a doorbell. She began to stir. Again, she heard David and the ringing
of the doorbell, only this time, much louder and clearer. Now that she was completely awake, she was
about to go answer the door. Before she could get out of bed, she heard the door open. As she layed in bed
she could just barely hear the faded and indistinct voices of Sam and David. As she heard the doors close
she got up and peered out the window. David languidly sauntered down the street. She saw a bouquet of
picked flowers fall from David's loose hands. She dreaded what must have been going through his mind at
that moment.

"Oh well", she thought ."I'll sort this out in the morning."

She steered her way back to bed and closed her eyes. Little did she know that in David's eyes, things would
never be the same between them.

                                                         The End