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    Rate "Orchestra to Balcony"

    I really enjoyed this story. I love your writing style. Can’t wait for the next story.🥰
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    Bruce Willis' diagnosis

    So sad to hear this. You never know what life had on store for you.
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    Rate "Couple's Retreat"

    Love, love, love this story so far. It is filled with so much emotion, I can’t wait until the next chapters post. Really great writing and storyline.
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    New Year's!

    Happy New Year Everyone., my fellow Moonlighters. Look forward to the new year reading all of you wonderful fan fics!!!!! Thank you for all you do🙂
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    Presenting "Counting on Christmas"...

    Love this story especially during this holiday! I agree with Sandra that this storyline could totally continue, but I am glad you have other ideas because I love your stories.
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    So, what is this place?

    I love that I found this site! I am so excited to see most of fan fiction here. I love reading them. Thanks for this platform!!