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    David Duchovny & Gillian Anderson

    David and Gillian didn't become good friends until they did the X-files movie around 05 I think. Maybe if we had gotten a ML movie things would have been different between BW and CS today.
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    Bruce's girl?

    Lol it sure sounded like it. Was it just me or did Cybill sound a little jealous?
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    I pitied Annie's husband

    I hated that she didn't face any consequences for cheating and her husband was more than happy to take her back, no questions asked. She would most likely cheat on him again.
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    Bruce Willis/ David Addison

    Unfortunately that has always been the case!
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    Bruce Willis' diagnosis

    Sadly it's not shocking to hear. There have been so many rumors lately and he hasn't been himself for years. I do wonder if there's more to this, there's a lot of speculation about possible dementia.
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    Cybill at Oscars

    That's her thing though. She has been wearing sneakers with fancy dress since the 80s. I wish the article had included her iconic outfit of the black dress and the orange reeboks, then maybe people would have understood her choice of shoes here.
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    Maddie being punished for Cybill's "offenses"

    Glenn is so far up Bruce's ass it's actually annoying. In one of the commentaries he mentions how he has apologized to Bruce for making him famous because Bruce didn't handle fame very well and became an obnoxious ass. Seriously, you feel the need to apologize to Bruce for something that was...
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    Cybill at Oscars

    Are these recent? She looks great!
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    DVD commentaries

    Thank you!
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    Cinematographer Gerald Perry Finnerman discusses Moonlighting for the Archive of American Television (10/8/2002)

    I don't remember where I read it, but I did read somewhere that the reason Allyce had a problem with him/was being difficult was because she felt disrespected that they had a cinematographer direct her episode and not a real director. She wanted the same level of respect as the others which...
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    Bruce Willis Moonlighting screen tests; one with Cybill Shepherd (September 1984)

    Totally agree! He was trying but she wasn't giving anything back.
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    Bruce Willis Moonlighting screen tests; one with Cybill Shepherd (September 1984)

    Yes, it's really interesting to compare with his screen test with the other woman.
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    DVD bonus extras

    Sounds amazing! Can't wait to watch it now.
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    DVD bonus extras

    Really? That's so cool! How was that experience?
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    I wish I could help but I don't have the actual script. Those photos were sent to me many years ago by another fan.