Rick Reynolds

David's friend
OS appearance: BMOMS. Named in the script.
Rick Reynolds was working at his older brother's mechanic shop in Brooklyn when he first met David Addison. It was a hot summer day in 1976 when Rick was lying flat on his back under a Chevy Impala, changing out an old, damaged muffler for a brand new one. He had just smashed his finger with a hammer and was hurling expletives when he saw two sets of feet by the side of the car. He rolled out on his creeper, and looked up to see his good buddy, Jimmy Miller, and another man he did not know. That man was named David Addison, and he was married to Jimmy's younger sister, Tess. David was thinking of purchasing a motorcycle from a used car dealership, but he wanted to have a trusted mechanic look it over before he shelled out the cash...